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Etta Diem's Dusty Shop of This & That
Making crafts dark and steampunky so you don't have to!

NOTE: This is a pre-sale for the Bajema's Web Collectons II, Etta Diem book. Please note that this book will not ship until it arrives from the publisher the first of May 2009. The pre-sale offers special extras that are available only through the pre-sale, but I want to stress that the book will not actually ship until it arrives in May. Thank you for noting that, and now without further ado...

Bajema's Web Collections II: Etta Diem
The name sake for our brand and shop has her own collection! My second collection of work introduces my character Etta Diem with new artwork and writing all done in Miss Diem's somewhat antique and eccentric style, and all of the art and writing she is involved with as a Snapdragon Tea character.

This collection includes Etta's encyclopedia of Harmful Sensation, her mostly true stories of the strange and quirky (like the tale of the prostitute popular during the Jack the Ripper times, who was singled out by her chattering teeth... that didn't happen to be in her mouth) and a variety of other dark humor tales from Victorian times. The collection also includes a new series of steampunk/dark fantasy styled art that had not been seen as of yet.

The pre-sale includes:
01: A discounted purchasing price of the book, $16.66 instead of the $24.00 regular selling price, plus shipping.

02: Three metallic prints of work in the book that will only be available through this pre-sale offer.

03: A small, hand drawn original doodle that will be yours and yours alone.

04: And lastly, like the first pre-sale for book one, the first forty issues will be signed and numbered. These will also have a limited edition alternative cover for the book (seen in this preview of the book cover).

As mentioned above this is a pre-sale. My book is set to be delivered to me the first of May 2009 and all pre-sale books will go out when they arrive. This is a good way to nab a copy of collection two at a discounted price with a few limited edition perks. The first sale went quickly and sold out so I recommend taking advantage of the sale the sooner the better.

And for those of you who nabbed a copy of the first collection I give you my many many thanks. I'm currently waiting for the second printing of my first book to arrive and when they do the first one will be available again.

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The Chiropterothopter is an aether-driven mechanical aparatus, made for the collection of blood samples from would-be targets; It is a handy tool for spying, scrying, cursing, or assassination - so easy to use that even a mere doctor of ancient metaphysics would say is only somewhat difficult.

This replica is lovingly Hand-Crafted by Myke Amend. It involved many, many hours of work, and a lot of good materials. At an art show, or on hos site, this one would typically be priced at no less than $400. A need for some sort of sale has changed this for this week - don't let the low price fool you into thinking this is a low-quality item, as it is a personal favorite - very detailed, and a completely unique, one of a kind, something you'll never see again item.

The piece does come apart - wings detach - revealing mechanical insides to the creature. Coffin: The wooden coffin is gilded with gold leaf, and the legs are solid brass. The interior accents are made of brass bits, clock parts, and ceramic polymer clay.Figure: The figure is meticulously crafted in intricate detail piece by piece. It is made of brass, clock parts, and polymer clay. Accents are done in hard enamel paints. This piece is not a toy, it is a sculpture, a work of art. It has tiny parts which children (or adults) can choke on.

To purchase, please follow this link.

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Having a minor emergency sale. For the next few days any of my tarot card artwork and nocturne collection are available for reduced price.

16x20 Inch Prints for 32.00 plus shipping, follow this link for details.
This includes the Tarot images, Nocturnes images as well as the Shears and Insect prints.

16.00 8x10 prints of any of the artwork found on my website, follow this link for details.
Simply tell me the name of the image or include a link to the image you want in an email.

This includes any pen and ink, watercolor, or the like. This offer is available only till this weekend. I get inquiries about purchasing my work as a larger than 16x20 inch print. I'm not sure how well many of my images will reproduce at that size. However, with the tarot collection most of them can reprint at larger sizes so inquiries are welcome on them for the next week.
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... Behold the Machine

New artwork by my love Myke. This is album artwork for Vernian Process.
Touch the icon for larger images and print ordering options.

... H.M.S. Gadreel

This is a different version of the airship found in the painting above.
These are very limited edition prints that compliment the above artwork
and will be very hard to get once the edition is sold out.

... The Rescue

And of course the first painting in the series, originally a commission for Abney Park,
is available in limited styles.

For etsy users, the above prints can be found through these Etsy listings:
.. Behold the Machine 20 x 10 inch Metallic Archival Print
.. H.M.S. Gadreel Metallic Limited Edition Print
.. The Rescue open edition 11x14 archival luster print

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Dark Valentines for your dark lovely...

Follow link above for details and purchase in my store. Or...
For etsy users: the listing can be found here.

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Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake, by Myke Amend
Boyfriend pimping begins here: We've been without internets for a few days thanks to snow and the fact that our cable line is attached to the house with twine and broken bottle caps. But now we're all up and running and I can direct you to a new section in our Attic Shop. That would be here, behind this little linky here! I've made a variety of items from Myke's comic Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake. If you do not already have a copy of this smashing title, you can correct this problem by taking this link and grabbing a copy for yourself. Even if you have not, those who like their tee shirts and novelties with dark humor, mad scientists and steampunk cuties, these are products for you. So be a good lad or lass and pop on over and have a look around. Comments are welcomed, or suggestions for different designs. We're also beginning to put our dark valentines up for the approaching romantic day. Visit here or our etsy store over the next few weeks to see what we have to offer. Now off you go, have a good day, and make sure you give your sammich head kitty lots of love!

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Discounted items in our store for today only!
As well as grab bags of spooky and most likely tentacle fondled origins!

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Myke Amend is about to debut his new comic, Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake. He has a pre-sale on issues going on now and for the next few days. Stop by Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake for a twenty page preview and ordering information :)

We've got Halloween Journals! And more to come...
Calcutta Flower Song $13.50
Dead Teddy Bear Picnic $13.50

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"We have laid in thought and waiting for long.
Our bodies have become opaque, the world shines right thru them.
Our words have no weight, our breath is but fire ash..."

Sepia, a 48 page full color collection of artwork and writing by dark fantasy artist Bethalynne Bajema.

Sepia will retail for $26.00 (plus shipping) and will be available for purchase *October 13th, 2008, through my website. This is a presale special purchase. I'm offering forty of the books for a discounted rate along with a few perks. Which are...

01. First forty issues are discounted from $26 to $20 and include shipping and handling to buyers within the US. Orders outside of US please add $3.00 for shipping.
02. First forty issues will be signed by the artist and numbered.
03. Presale books will include small art prints of each of the pieces of the "Sepia Tarot Card Artwork" included in the book.
04. Anyone who purchases a book will be entered into a raffle to win a hardbound version of the book, which I will only be printing twenty of.

Please visit the Sepia site for more details. To order directly, please go to paypal and make payment to the email address ettadiem at themiskatonicarchive.com, out of US orders please remember to include an additional $3 to the $20 to cover shipping. Or, order through our etsy shop found at this link. For those interested in the raffle for the limited edition hardcover book but don't wish to buy a copy of Sepia from the pre-sale, entry to the raffle can be made here by purchasing an art postcard. Questions and inquiries are welcome, send to ettadiem at gmail.com.

*Presale orders will ship on October 13th, 2008, unless there are any delays with the printer.


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The July print sale is ending soon. Still available:
Lux II
The Saturnine
The Angel Balm

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