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Etta Diem's Dusty Shop of This & That
Making crafts dark and steampunky so you don't have to!
I've kind of neglected this livejournal in trying to keep up with the store's actual site. However, a few weeks back our sites were chewed up while the backups were being put in place, so bye bye sites. All of the content was saved to my harddrive, but I had neglected to back up many of the blog entries. Which I am now doing. And and as double fail safe I'm posting them here as well. But there is still lots of groovy stuff at the actual site, so please visit! I'm putting up new wallpaper and everything! Etta Diem's Attic Shoppe.

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Drill Baby Drill by Myke Amend

Drill Baby Drill, new artwork by Myke, offering a little artist commentary on current events. This original canvas is for sale at our etsy store. Prints will also available at Myke's site.

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Our nifty little collection of hat pins finally has a full page with images and which ones are currently available. Follow this link to view them, and they can always be found linked in our Merchandise section.
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The Taurean Queen Antique Paper Print The Taurean Queen is one of the studies from Bethalynne's Bete Noir Collection. This image is printed on antique book papers with a fair amount of embellishing and detailing. To view more of the print or to nab it while it's available, follow this linker to it's listing.

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The Sepia Quill
New artwork from Bethalynne has been added to the Attic Shoppe. The Sepia Quill is an alternative version of the Priestess card from the
Sepia Stains Tarot Deck. This artwork originally was created for use on Bethalynne's Sepia box purse designs. After requests for the art from that as traditional prints, she's made a few limited edition pieces available as well as some zazzle merch.

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Alright, I've come to a decision with the tarot deck. I'm going to offer five proto-types of the tarot deck, to see how it looks, how well its received and to figure out what I need to change on it to make it better received on a whole. So this is what I'm going to do for starters, this is the listing on my site:



Sepia Stains Tarot Card Deck

This is a limited edition proto-type version of my Sepia Stains tarot deck. This deck is being printed locally and will be put together and polished off by me. It will come in its own decorated wooden case with a certificate noting which number (of the five) it is, that it is a limited edition item and have my signature. I will include four 5x7 inch metallic prints of the tarot deck art, the buyer can select the four pieces of art from the deck they want.

The deck is going through the final stages of print preparation. This is an item that will not be available right away. I'm not sure how long the printing process will take or how long it will take to put it together and polish it off for delivery. I want to be very clear about that so you're not expecting the deck next week. The turn around time will be reasonable though.

These decks will have all the bells and whistles of a hand made item. Even if the deck is published by an outside publisher down the line, any of the decks that are printed by me will be unique and limited edition styles. Besides the standard ones being sold here, there is also a miniature version of the deck I'm selling in very small numbers as a novelty.

Three are being sold through my site, and two of the decks are being sold through the etsy store, in case you find them sold out on my site: http://ettadiem.etsy.com

To view examples of the deck, please look here:


If the deck does well this way and the final product looks good, depending on what was involved in creating it, I may sell more like this. I want the decks I create myself to be special though, and be a quality that is not mass produced or easy to come by. I have more items to put up today for sale. I have quite a few new things ready to go. Feedback is always appreciated. Right now, as it tends to be in summer, sales are down. I get requests for things, but not a lot of follow up. I'm also a bad judge of what of my work should be available and in what size or style. So I welcome suggestions.
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Originally posted in Myke Amend's journal, my lovely partner in the Etta Diem shop. This is an incredible painting, the images here don't do it justice. So take my word for it, this is a beautiful piece of steampunk work for lovers of airships and those floating cthulhu pet enthusiasts.

Antarctic Experiment

"All in all, the experiment was a brilliant success, though it ran for a shorter time than desired.

Ultimately, the machine had to be shut down prematurely, else we might not have had enough crew to make it comfortably back to port. Over forty Russian tribesmen bravely gave their lives to science this day - a terrible tragedy as they will surely be expensive to replace.

Also lost was an entire crate of ether, carelessly dropped from the edge of a berg in the midst of today's activities - a tragedy on so many levels.

Nevertheless, we saw many wondrous and splendid things this day: creatures and landscapes from the aether danced and swam about us through the air, and we saw the laws of our world temporarily suspended by those of the aether world.

It leaves me to wonder: How closely does the placement of their world correspond with ours? Are these same creatures to be found elsewhere on our planet, or would we perhaps find other inhabitants should the machine be tested in new locations?

What sorts of variants or unique beasts might we see in other locations such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Indonesia, London or perhaps even New York City?

Needless to say, I am beyond eager to see!"

- Professor Aden M. Kemy, Miskatonic Archivist

This giclee, commemorating the event is available while supplies last, in three limited editions of 50: A giclee on Canvas, an archival pigment ink print on heavy metallic stock, and a fine-art rag paper print. All of which 24 inches by 24 inches - the size of the original painting by Myke Amend.

First available, is this limited edition giclee on canvas, printed in archival pigment inks on 200-year archival canvas, coated in a UV-protective and scratch-resistant coating, stretched and mounted for framing.

It comes with a watermarked hahnemuhle certificate of authenticity printed on fine art rag paper, with a matching and serial-numbered hologram on both the back of the giclee print and the certificate. All giclees are hand-signed and numbered in paint (see the signature on the image) and also signed, dated, and numbered in archival ink on the back of the mounted print.

It can be found here: In the Store

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Some samples from the next Bajema's Web collections I'm about to release, as well as some new collage work
Myke and I have been putting together. Myke's also been hard at work at some custom and very artsy goggle designs,
which you can get a sample of in his flickr account, found here.

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Courtesy is a dying art form. This makes me sad.

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead,
and with its head he went galumphing back.

I had been told rumors but I thought they were just over-reacting. But as it turns out, they were not. Fuzzy pelt & cartoon totem worshipers be damned. Sad sad state of affairs when someone cannot just be honest and say it to your face. Ah well, have you seen my finger paintings? It's their loss. Truly, their loss.

But not for you! This cryptic and strange wayward post is just to say that a few new things have been popped into the shop: http://ettadiem.etsy.com

Thank you for passing through! Oh! And on a happy note, to the left is the nearly final draft for my tarot card set. I've begun my publisher solicitors this week.

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We've got a new purse design up in our Etta Diem Etsy store. This is the Cthulhu Crush Box Purse, Version I. The purse features Bajema's Professor Vogel's Reading Machine, the Bird Room, Poison and Blossoms, the Calcutta Flower Song, and of course the Cthulhu Crush. Only two of these have been made, one to offer and one to keep in our box purse collection. Other versions of the purse may be made using this art, but there will not be another one like this. So consider it a limited edition collectible.

http://www.ettadiem.com | http://ettadiem.etsy.com

As it says on our Etsy store page, we're willing to make custom designed box purses using any of the art found on either Bajema's or Myke's websites. Just scoot us an email at ettadiem at gmail.com with the titles of the artwork you'd like to see turned into a purse ;)

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